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Automatic crop cultivating system

We are using an Arduino, ultrasonic sensor, moisture sensor,water pump over here .There are two cases 1.In order to water the plant according to it's level 2. In order to keep the plant alive after a certain time of it's growth by maintaining moisture level. By using ultra Sonic sensor we measure the water level initially present in the plant and then if it's lesser than the level required for that particular plant we automatically pour water until the required level for the first case In the second case we keep a certain limit of moisture level for the plant if the moisture level is less than the required amount we automatically pour water using water pump until it reaches the required water moisture level for the second case

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kdysB02Zb9iig Automatic crop cultivating system 10 Sep, 2018 Activity 2215316550 2210416354, 2210416336, 2210416236