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Online Housie/Tambola Game

A completely online Tambola/Housie Game with administrator panel for controlling the game users and calling out the random numbers. The player gets an OTP from the game host and he/she uses this OTP to Log In into the Game. The Player is presented with a ticket made of clickable buttons with numbers following the rules and regulations of the Tambola Game. The Player has an option to get a copy of the number called to be displayed on his/her screen. Upon calling a number and if the number is show for the player, the player can click on that number to mark it. Up on completion of any of the five winning strategies, the player can choose the correct button and the game gets paused for verification and if the verification is successful, the play continues marking the button with the auto-generated player ID. A total of 90 numbers are called and then all the winners can be declared. This game can be played from any device and can even be played from different places or in huge family functions. We can run upto 2000 tickets and 100 games simultaneously provided the server support is limited. A more powerful server can host more games. One can view the admin panel at and the player panel at

Detailed Project Information

Project ID gT9yz7wLIq0ig
Project Name Online Housie/Tambola Game
Date of Start 06 Jun, 2019
Team Electro_Squad
Project Owner 2210416236
Other Members 2210416336