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Innovation Center Projects


Rover for Disaster Management

This rover can be used for disaster management. In case of an earthquake, this rover can move... Read More


Automatic Plant Watering system

The project can be used by households to water their beloved plants. The commands for the project... Read More


Computer vision to aid visually impaired

This project involves making a wearable device that could grab details from live video buffer and... Read More


Vehicle speed detection

Using certain sensors the speed of a vehicle moving on a highway is measured.... Read More


Automatic crop cultivating system

We are using an Arduino, ultrasonic sensor, moisture sensor,water pump over here .There are two... Read More


All Terrain Rover

All Terrain rover is a kind of rover that is capable of travelling on variety of surfaces, that... Read More


Online Housie/Tambola Game

A completely online Tambola/Housie Game with administrator panel for controlling the game users and... Read More