About Us

Innovation center was established in GITAM Hyderabad campus in 2017, renamed from GUSAC (GITAM University Science and Activity Centre). The Innovation center was established to build collaborative relationships, helping improve procedural outcomes while enhancing quality of projects .

Did you ever have an innovative idea but you just couldn't get it going? Have you ever wanted to make your own robots, write your own code, build your own megastructure, do your own crazy stuff. It's probably the reason you joined Engineering!

Innovation Center provides you platform to WONDER, THINK & CREATE. It motivates you to " IDEATE. INNOVATE. IMPLEMENT".

Technology is for everybody. No matter which department you are in, you will find something here that will interest you. All that you need is passion and a willingness to learn at all times. So, are you game?


The vision is to make Innovation Center a stage that will engage students in rigorous and relevant learning, and help students develop personal goals and skills. IC stands at the intersection of the creative ideas, technical brains and soulful spirits. We aim at providing respect and tolerance for the views of every individual. Appreciation of intellectual excellence and creativity is our main aim.


  • To generate new knowledge by engaging in cutting-edge projects and research.
  • To undertake collaborative projects which offer opportunities for long-term interaction with academia and industry.
  • To provide a platform for the intellectually capable and imaginatively gifted students to share their ideas on a wider scale.
  • To develop academic integrity and accountability among students.
  • To develop technical and managerial skills, innovative research capabilities in students so as to enable the graduating engineers serve the society better with the ethical values.
"Innovation Center has always made the university proud by making beautiful innovations at the national and international level. Innovation Center GITAM Hyderabad as a technical body, has made lots of progress in various industry standard fields such as Artificial Intelligence, VLSI Design, Web Technologies etc. I wish Innovation Center all the very best for their future endeovours and continue to support them in their future projects they take up on."
Prof. N Siva Prasad, Pro Vice Chancellor, GITAM Hyderabd
Innovation Center, as a technical body, is cited to be the "backbone of technical innovations at GITAM Hyderabad." Dr. Trinatha Rao, Associate Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, GITAM Hyderabad is the faculty coordinator and cheif source of technical contact for students and faculty at Innovation Center.
"I'm delighted to be a part of this beautiful community of technically brilliant students who put their best in making the known engineering concepts and turn them into a usable product of the future." Dr. Trinatha Rao, Assoc. Prof., Dept of ECE, GITAM Hyderabad